Back to Asia for today. Taiwan has been an up-and-coming whisky distiller for a while with Kavalan being the favorite. Unlike Japan, climate in Taiwan is hot and humid, thus accelerating the aging process. Kavalan’s ex-master blender / distiller of 15 years, Ian Chang is known to produce excellent distillates and spirits. Spending about 6 years in barrel in the tropical climate of Yilan County and bottled at 59.4%, this cask was personally chosen by local whisky friend, WhiskySifu. Color of the bottle, box, and the whisky reminds me of eating a strawberry glazed donut. If you’ve been to Tartine Bakery in San Francisco, a sip of this whisky will remind you of the delicious pasteries combined with a creamy espresso.

Country: Taiwan
Alc/vol: 59.4%
Number of Bottles released: 218