Back to the blended whisky of Compass Box. This one, as the name suggests, is a Peat Monster. This one is unique. The Compass Box Peat Monster is a standard release available pretty easily. This however, is a one off extra maturation of the original cask strength Peat Monster calling it the Peat Monster Arcana

The whisky maker / blenders at Compass box took three French Oak casks which had been maturing a Highland malt blend, filled it with the cask strength parcel of the original Peat Monster and let it age for an additional two years. This imparts the extra spiciness, but also adds the creaminess to the finish impared from French oak. The blend contains what you would think of when you say peat – Talisker, Miltonduff and Ardbeg.

Country: Scotland
Alc/vol: 46%
Number of Bottles released: 8,328