SMWS 1.213

SMWS 1.213 Seduces and invites fantasies

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What an lovely and invite name, isn’t it? The Scotch Malt Whisky Society was founded in 1983 by Phillip “Pip” Hills in Edinburg, Scotland. The idea started when Pip Hills had purchased an entire cask of Glenfarclas to share with a few friends. During those times, purchase of an entire cask was not a common feat. Distilleries would only sell casks to known individuals and those who have a family history of purchasing them. However, after the bottling of the first cask, more and more friends started asking for a bottle from a selected cask. This got Pip Hills to start the membership organization and plan to help recoup the costs and efforts it takes to get a cask, bottle it, and send it to friends.

The “1” in bottle 1.213 represents the first distillery that SMWS purchased. “213” is the number of casks from that distillery that have been purchased by the society.

On to this particular bottle and dram – this defines and represents everything that a Glenfarclas is. A classic Speyside whisky distilled in October of 2004 aged for 14 years in a 2nd fill American oak and finished in a Pedro Ximinez sherry cask, before finally being bottled at 58.6%. Limited to a total of 200 bottles worldwide, this is a release only for the European market.

On the nose, this has strong hints of a milk toffee candy filled with caramel and drizzled with dried caramelized ginger bits.

A sip of it takes me to my favorite candy & dessert bakery throwing more hints of a honey coated fig, showing strong hints of the sherry finish cask. Further sips take me back to memories as a child of having a dark chocolate eclair pastry filled with fresh cream. Lucious buttery & oily feel of cream, marzipan and the balance of milk chocolate.

The finish goes back to the start of the nosing, a honeydew melon, long lasting finish wanting you to sip some more.

Join the society to experience the wonderful collection & get a unique experience:

Listen to the charming story from the founder Pip Hills on how he went about the whole idea of the society


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